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Our students leave the ASEC Academy with the ability to perform their duties as a security officer to a high degree, and recognise their strengths, tackle challenges with confidence, and be a positive influence in the work force.

As CEO of ASEC I pride myself on having the knowledge, skills, training and education, experience – in life and security – to support our outcomes and deliver to the industry capable, skilled and trained guards.

My door is always open and I look forward to meeting you as you prepare for your security career.


Administration Manager

It is important to me that our students feel comfortable, supported and respected. As the Administration Manager of ASEC I take a vested interest in our students and how they anticipate moving into the workforce.

They have made a serious commitment in time and money and ASEC wants to ensure that they transition into their new career as seamlessly as possible.

And Sarah makes sure the biscuit tin is always full!


Business Manager

ASEC is a locally owned and operated academy which I am proud to be part of. With Rod as the CEO, leading our team, the wealth of experience here is a true testament to what we offer to our students.

I consider myself lucky to be part of the students’ journey whether it is into security or undertaking our elective courses such as First Aid, Responsible Service of Alcohol, Work Safely in the Construction Industry to support other careers.

ASEC is also very proud and fortunate to support Australian Veterans, First Responders and students with challenges into finding meaningful employment opportunities.

Note to self - Don’t be late to class though cos you will cop it, she can be a cranky one!

Lilly, Tim, Terry -
Jay & Celine

Reception and Trainers

ASEC prides itself on our staff who are here to support the student journey.

Between these guys there is a wealth of experience, knowledge, curriculum development and classroom teaching. Their backgrounds are varied – military, first responder, medical, business management – but they all have one thing in common………ensuring that they give their best so that you can be the best that you can be. They look forward to sharing your learning journey with you.

Australian Security Education & Consulting Pty Ltd (RTO88065) – commonly known as ASEC – is a locally owned and operated training academy.  The CEO, Rod Wark, and his team bring over 40 years’ experience in security operations, security training, policing and the military.  ASEC was founded in 2002.

We offer holistic and highly specialised security operative training courses in conjunction with First Aid, Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Work Safely in the Construction Industry (White Card).

As a leader in security industry training ASEC prides itself on being innovative, relevant and up to date with new and exciting methods of learning.   Our trainers and assessors are highly qualified and have extensive industry experience. We are here to support our students with a quality training program which ensures that they gain employability skills and knowledge required by the security industry.

We continually engage with industry stakeholders and clients to shape our training models and improve our delivery. We have built strategic partnerships with other service providers in the industry as well as working closely with regulators to ensure that our students are getting the quality education they expect and deserve.

As a Registered Training Organisation, Australian Security Education & Consulting Pty Ltd must ensure that policies, processes and operational practices are maintained to the highest possible standards in the delivery of training.   The vocational educational training interests and welfare of participating students is of the utmost importance to ASEC.

Opportunities to look for

The security industry is one that has some negative perceptions.  ASEC is committed to inspiring, educating and improving the calibre of security operatives across the board.  Some exciting opportunities exist in government, airport, medical, patrol, military, retail, special events, embassy, and crowd control sections ……..just to name a few.  Equal opportunities exist for female and male officers – ASEC welcomes female students. 

New Premises

Our new premises at Unit 1, 118 Lysaght Street, Mitchell provides a new, modern and comfortable learning experience.  With free carparking and access to public transport attending ASEC classes is not only easy but convenient.

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